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On the horizon

As we prepare to move into 2013, I felt it was time to start fresh with a new site. That, plus the fact that people were trying to do all kinds of terrible things with the old automated site, prompted me to look to changes. :-P

We are still waiting, still watching for new developments in the saga of the Complex launch. Complex is the new venue getting ready to open in Glendale, CA. All the handshakes and deal talks have been done, and the venue owners are good, long time friends of mine and of Ground Control. ¬†We’re all expecting great things to happen in 2013. Hang in there, and soon your patience will be rewarded!

In the meantime, there are plenty of events happening in the Los Angeles area. Our approved list of fun activities includes:

  • Das ¬†Bunker – If you like electronic dance music a bit more gravitas than usual, you just can’t beat Industrial Danse Music and all its assorted flavors. DB takes place at GC’s old and first home, the Catch One nightclub.
  • Farpoint Karaoke – longtime party place 3 Clubs has hired on GC’s own MP3J Sark to include karaoke in their repertoire of Wednesday night entertainment.
  • New Wave Karaoke – Longtime GC alumni “World Famous” Jay Tando takes you back to the ’80s with classic new wave karaoke at New Wave Restaurant in Bellflower.

Have fun, but don’t stray to far. The mothership will return from the void sooner than you might expect….

- Sark



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