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About GC

Sark says: “Ground Control started on Memorial Day in the year 2005. After years of working for and / or with the better promoters in the Los Angeles industrial music scene, I got the itch to get my own event going. I felt for a long time that as clubs came and went, or endured, there was a lack of diversity in what could be accomplished in the way of entertainment. I wanted to get my serious goth and industrial friends to crack up and have fun for a change.

As I contemplated things, I realized there was one thing we have never had in our scene here: karaoke. For a subculture of folks who know the words to every song they hear, there was nowhere to sing those songs for ourselves! Not one to lay dormant with a bad idea, I started Ground Control. Rather quickly, both old and new friends and accomplices jumped on board to help out. The GC catalog swiftly grew from a few CDs of classic alternative music karaoke tracks to a ginormous binder of incredible, handpicked karaoke selections.

Now, here we are, eight years later. While we’re currently in a dramatic pause of what we lovingly refer to as ‘awkward silence’, big things are coming together with old friends in a new location. Stay tuned, and you won’t be disappointed.”


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